HelpDesk Techs and Trainers (for Virtual Desktop Migration)

Company Name:
Infinite Resources, Inc.
HelpDesk Techs and Trainers (for Virtual Desktop Migration) In order to supplement our service desk staff to be able to handle the volume of user training and service needed to migrate all users to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), we plan to use additional Trainers and Helpdesk Specialists to perform pre-migration training and follow-up support to newly migrated users. This number is based on the number of users to be migrated each night. In this role, these specialists would call each user the first business morning following their migration to inquire as whether the user is having any issues with Virtual Desktop (VDI). Depending upon whether there are issues, and the nature of the issue, these specialists would then visit the users work location to provide deskside support, and identify if any additional training, or technical resolution is needed, to include:- Verify and validate with the end user that their system is functioning properly, using a post migration check list to verify the availability of the end users' files, folders and software. - Document and fix all problems that are found and report all findings to the Virtual desktop (VDI) migration team, recording their activities in the Remedy Action Request System. - Provide limited training and answer what questions the end user may have. In addition, these specialists will maintain a log of issues against which we can perform trend analysis and identify any deficiencies in our VDI approach and training. This is a 3 month contract. MYK62683JR

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